scan and file your documents in seconds
Document Imaging and e-Filing System
Document Imaging is the very first step of Document Management. However, poor quality images can cause serious problems to later indexing or storing processes. It may increase scanning labour costs due to manual correction and re-scanning, and lower the OCR accuracy when you want to search them from the DMS.

VitalScan is an intelligent scanning and electronic filing solution. VitalScan possesses distinct features that convert and index scanned information into electronic documents for easy storage and fast retrieval. It ensures all documents are checked and polished at the time they are scanned such that the image quality is guaranteed before they are ready to use for other purposes.

Key Features:

  • Batch scanning and flexible scanning profiles
  • Flexible document index card up to 20 user-defined fields
  • Auto-index each document by unique document ID, creation date or modified date
  • OCR engines to handle English, Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese character recognition
  • Full-text and index search to retrieve documents in seconds
  • Hit-to-Hit highlighting to locate search terms within the image content
  • Access control on different document folders
  • Document encryption to avoid unauthorized access
  • Image viewer with handy navigation tool and zoom-and-pan tool


  • Speed up document filing and retrieval
  • Instant sharing of information by users in the networked e-filing solution
  • Avoid repetitive scanning with intelligent image enhancement functions
  • Significantly reduce copiers for information distribution
  • Preserve documents in electronic format and prevent deterioration, damage and misplacement
  • Highly compatible with current systems