visualize and optimize your business process
Business Process Management (BPM)
Business environment is ever changing, and “exception” is inevitable in the daily operation. Therefore, business people always look for a flexible workflow solution to automate their tasks and processes in order to accelerate task completion, and thus manage their daily operations transparently to gain continuous insight in business efficiency and effectiveness.

VitalFlow is a Workflow and Business Process Management (BPM) solution with the super-fast and rock-solid BPMN2 processes engine. It is tailor-made for business people to automate their processes without programming experience to design, execute and manage workflows. VitalFlow provides a lot of design and management features for enterprises to fully control the BPM environment.

Key Features:

  • Supports User / Role / Group based conditional routing
  • Supports Parallel Routing, Serial Routing, Sub-workflow Handling, Multi-processing Strategy, Delegation, Overdue, Exception Catch, etc.
  • Support business logic and routing rules
  • Simple drag-and-drop design tool and graphic user interface
  • Provide eForm with dynamic capabilities to validate, alert and calculate data in real-time
  • Automate email alert or notifications
  • Perfectly integrated with VitalDoc or can run independently with other Java / .NET applications


  • Visualize and optimize business process
  • Monitor all the tasks and processes in real-time
  • Improving corporate image and performance with the compliance of business processes
  • Gain insight into the inefficiencies and bottlenecks of business operations
  • Ensure structure data are collected accurately
  • Reduce paper wastage and avoid reductant data entry