In today’s market, customers’ expectation for property management has been much higher. This industry has become a specific area of professional services that should deliver quality, efficient and all-round management for both residential and commercial properties. Yet many practitioners face the challenge of reorganizing the way of handling and circulating numerous documents of varied types in day to day operation. Intelligent data capture can help the property management companies to streamline filing by minimizing costly and error-prone manual work of digital conversion, and efficiently compile bills, summaries, reports, etc.
VitalCapture @ Property Management

With VitalCapture adopted in property management companies, large volume of day to day, scheduled or ad-hoc documents from various sources and formats are systematically classified and automatically captured into streamlined libraries of various service scopes. They are not only digitally stored for a sustainable practice of record keeping, but also turned into valuable extracted data that is ready for automated compilation of tenant bills and summaries, easier analysis of maintenance resource allocation, etc. This helps property managers to simplify daily operations and makes management of multiple properties easier and more efficient.

Tenant Accounts Payable (AP)
VitalCapture captures and validates incoming bills and invoices for each tenant in serviced apartments, offices, malls, etc. with intelligent extraction of needed data through pre-defined rules, kick-starting the approval workflow and automating compilation of summaries and reports for further operational processing.
Leasing Documentation
VitalCapture indexes leasing agreements and other important supporting documents between landlords and tenants in a central repository with well controlled access and high searchability. Important data is now instantly ready and retrievable for business-centric analysis.
Operations and Incidents
VitalCapture functions as a management cabinet to process incident reports and photos, daily security check logs, and routine inspection and maintenance records with pre-defined rules and optical character recognition (OCR) to enable efficient record keeping and follow-up arrangements with fast document searching and data retrieval.

Projects and Procurements
For large maintenance and repair projects, VitalCapture automates data indexing, extraction and classification of various documents including tender specifications, contractors’ proposals, meeting minutes, etc., providing a searchable document center for efficient handling and coordination among different parties involved.
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