To enhance competitive advantage in today’s ever-changing market, it is indispensable for banking and finance organizations to offer superior services to attract new customers and businesses. Efficient and accurate data capture can help to remove costly and error-prone manual work from intensive paper-oriented operations and speed up the overall process.
VitalCapture @ Banking & Finance

With VitalCapture adopted in banking and finance business operations, customer service teams in the face-paced environment of branches can easily capture customers’ documents, extract and validate relevant data, and send it to the back-end system within the customer’s visit. Missing or incorrect data can be routed through an exception handling process in VitalCapture to ensure only correct and high-quality data is submitted and follow-up effort is minimized.

Account Opening Application
Data on application forms and necessary documents and proofs of personal identity, residence, income, credibility, etc. can be extracted from VitalCapture anytime, anywhere, for faster approval.
Mortgage & Loan Processing
Through a web-based interface with mobile capturing features, VitalCapture enables scanning, OCR and validation to establish a process automation solution via a pre-defined rule-based matrix.
Unstructured Data Review & Analysis
VitalCapture efficiently pulls out data from claims, customer dossiers and evidence of a customer’s credibility and credit worthiness for making sound decisions about current and future customers.

Intelligent Data Repository
Data indexing and extraction in specific documents of credit card and mortgage loan applications, contracts, agreements, etc. can be automated by setting rules for compliance in VitalCapture.
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