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OUHK Library adopts VITOVA EIM

OUHK Library adopts VITOVA EIM

With a vision to excel as a provider of higher education to the general public, the Open University of Hong Kong (OUHK) blended the essence of distance learning, face-to-face teaching and e-learning into its strategic plan. OUHK is like two universities in one, with the distance learning and e-learning programs providing maximum flexibility for working adults, while the full-time programs offering students a rich campus life with a full range of co-curricular activities.
Digital Archive for the University’s Meeting Documents

The OUHK Library has maintained an archival collection of printed brochures, prospectuses and other publications of the University which would be available for the general public to access, as well as an internal meeting document collection for authorized users. A digital archive system was needed for housing both the publication collection and the internal meeting document collection with a smooth search engine enabling index search functions for this substantial amount of materials.

Compliant Solution, from Digitalizing to Sharing

OUHK Library adopts VITOVA EIM

A well-established enterprise information management (EIM) software suite for capturing, managing and sharing of information, C&T’s VITOVA has been widely used by multinational corporations, government departments and tertiary institutions to connect people to information that is relevant with precise data matching and efficient searches.

To comply with OUHK Library’s functional and technical requirements for the digital archive system, VITOVA enabled the very first step of document management with intelligent scanning and electronic filing powered by its VitalScan application, which came with distinct features that convert and index scanned documents into electronic documents for easy storage and fast retrieval.

Synergizing with the work of VitalScan was the web-based VitalDoc application, which provided a single system of high security and scalability for the OUHK Library to centralize the above electronic documents for easy management and knowledge sharing across users. The powerful search functions with multi-lingual compatibility enabled index searches and full-text searches with hit-to-hit highlight functions, facilitating users to query documents within seconds.

Continuous Upgrades for Higher Usability

With the latest upgrade, the system was enhanced with an intuitive interface and an advanced search engine, eliminating the needs of re-building the index and greatly improving the search performance. Through adopting the VITOVA data management suite, the digital archive system of OUHK Library enables efficient archiving and access of the internal meeting documents by OUHK users.