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Industry-leading E&E equipment company adopts VITOVA EIM for smart document management

Industry-leading E&E equipment company adopts VITOVA EIM for smart document management

The company, wholly-owned subsidiary of a Japanese multinational E&E equipment group, has been serving Hong Kong, Macau and Mainland China since 1966, aiming to provide reliable, high quality and advanced products, such as home appliances and semiconductors & devices, as well as tailor-made systems and solutions, from energy systems to visual information systems, to customers to cater for their needs and provide a better and more enjoyable living environment.
Embracing Digital Transformation for Better Operations

Along with the advancement of information technology, digital transformation becomes a must-have for many organizations to ensure their smooth operation. The company has a large volume of documents and they used to store the hardcopies in box folders or warehouses and keep the electronic documents among several file servers, resulting in difficulty for searching and retrieving necessary data. The integration of VITOVA EIM with the company’s workflow system, email system and ERP system allows the business to scan, index and save all hardcopy documents, emails, project documents and other important documents to the VitalDoc server which serves as a central document repository. VITOVA not only helped the business greatly reduce physical storage, but also allowed users for cross departmental document sharing and rapid information search and retrieval through searchable scanned images with OCR technology and configurable index fields.

Industry-leading E&E equipment company adopts VITOVA EIM for smart document management

Upholding ISO Standard with High Security Control

The risks of sensitive information leakage or missing, either by accident or through criminal activity, are considerably high. Therefore, the company looked for a secure document management system to store all the “Top Secret”, “Secret” and “Confidential” documents. VITOVA’s high level of security control enables administrators to have full access control of different roles for performing various operations, such as addition and modification. Meanwhile, the Audit Trail function provides complete tracking all document events, significantly enhancing traceability and fulfilling the requirements of the ISO international standard.

Upgrading System for Higher Compatibility

Long-term customer of VITOVA, the company recently upgraded VitalDoc to the latest version which supports the latest Microsoft Windows 10 and allows viewing of documents and images of all popular types with the most updated HTML5 viewer, greatly improving convenience and operational efficiency for users, especially those who work remotely.

Industry-leading E&E equipment company adopts VITOVA EIM for smart document management

Optimizing Business Sustainability with VITOVA

As a global leader in the manufacture and sales of electric and electronic equipment, the company is committed to enhancing the quality of life in the society through strengthening its management of diverse services. VITOVA has provided a data management solution that matches today’s industry-specific project nature and working procedures of the company. Senior Technical Support Officer of the company comments, “VITOVA has enabled our business to digitalize important documents more easily, while they are so easy to file and find.” Achieving smart document management with scalable digital operations, the company has made its way of green business operations with minimized paper consumption, while improving operational efficiency and upholding international standard for a sustainable growth.