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Housing Bureau of Macau SARG streamlines document filing process with VitalDoc 7.1

VITOVA has been entrusted by Housing Bureau (IHM) of Macau SARG since 2003. With satisfactory experience of using VitalScan, IHM also endorsed VitalDoc in 2008. To support the future growth and enjoy the advanced features of the latest version of VitalDoc, IHM has recently decided to upgrade to version 7.1.

By implementing the VitalDoc 7.1, the practitioner of IHM can enjoy a system with enhanced security, stability and flexibility. A function of "Physical borrow & return" will be ready for practitioners to track and trace the transaction history of documents. This feature can save practitioners’ time to search the desired documents. In addition, an advanced search engine will be delivered to IHM to support their business operation. With the new synonym support feature in the search engine, it helps maximize search performance and increase users’ searching efficiency.

Saving storage space in IHM's system is one of the crucial requirements in this project. The VitalDoc 7.1 also brings the new function of “VitalDoc Server Agent Conversion Fine-tune” to remove searchable PDF files and adjust the resolutions of image files to squeeze extra storage space.

Apart from saving storage space, improving document management workflow of IHM is another critical issue. Our professional service team has also custom-built a “Document duplication check” function with support of barcode scanner to identify whether the document has been previously saved. This function can quickly and accurately prevent duplications in the system.

All the above functions can streamline the document capturing process and improve the precision of document filing.