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Bio-Gene simplifies its daily operations with VITOVA

VITOVA has secured a new contract with Bio-Gene Technology Limited. In an ever changing and hyper-competitive business environment, Bio-Gene has decided to use VitalScan to turn their aged hardcopies of sales order, delivery notes and invoices into electronic documents to speed up their operation efficiency.

The scanned documents are automatically saved in VitalScan for users to learn the transaction details. If they need to issue an invoice, they can just put the related information to the form and generate it.

Besides, users can view clients’ order histories by entering clients’ name and delivery note number. The search function helps users generate clients’ record to get the full picture.

In order to reduce the users’ manual effort and streamline their daily filing operation, we have preset rules in VitalScan for the users to easily classify documents. This feature supports users to identify and locate the specific documents effectively.