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VITOVA optimizes the operation of Asia Satellite Telecommunications

With an increasing need to meet the rapid changes in technology, maintaining IT security is one of a critical task of Asia Satellite Telecommunications Company Limited (AST). VITOVA was entrusted by AST to provide a secure and intelligent EIM Solution based on VitalDoc.

On top of the feature-rich functionalities of VitalDoc, our professional service team has also provided customized functions to meet the specific business requirement of AST to meet the rigorous security and operational requirements. For example, before AST users could read and download documents of "International Traffic in Arms Regulation" (ITAR), a security pop-up warning screen will be firstly displayed. Users can also set the access right to control security to ensure readers have been granted rightful access to restricted information.

Besides, with the "Auto-build-up email with attachments" feature, an automatic linkage between email and mail attachment will be created when the email is filed to VitalDoc filing folder. This function gives AST users extra flexibility to manage emails and mail attachments.

In addition, users can recall the appropriate files efficiently through the related email. It reduces users’ discovery time and costs by the automatic linkage regardless of format, location, language or media type. It can also improve users' experience and productivity by helping them locating important email more quickly and precisely.