VitalDoc for iPad
mobile document management solution
Mobile Document Management Solution
VitalDoc for iPad is an mobile & secure document management app that allows users break the geographic limitation to access their up-to-date documents in VitalDoc with iPad. With this App, iPad becomes a file cabinet for you to retrieve documents without security concern, because all documents on iPad are protected by VitalDoc security control and SSL already.

Access the VitalDoc repository anytime anywhere

With VitalDoc for iPad, "on the road" or "out of office" will no longer slowdown or delay sales or customer services executives to finish their urgent tasks, because they can access all documents anytime and anywhere by only a wireless/internet connection and iPad available. In this app, users can use the same access right and directory in VitalDoc Server to find documents. To better protect sensitive business information, login & password is required to connect with VitalDoc server, and there's no document can be saved in users' iPad, so that, no information would be leaked by accident.

Retrieve the up-to-date documents in seconds

If you need documents on the way, it must be in urgent. Therefore, we try our best to shorten the searching process to save your time. Our "Global Search" function is simple, fast and accurate. Users just need to enter a keyword, and all relevant documents can be retrieved in seconds. If users really want to have an in-depth searching, they may use "Advance Search" instead. This function gives them the highest flexibility to combine multiple search by document type, directory, attachment and index field etc., so that they can have the exact search result. What's more? Users can save their queries to perform the same search multiple times without reconfiguration. In VitalDoc for iPad, just few steps, all actions become very simple!

View the mission-critical attachment at ease

When you receive email with attachments in doc, xls, ppt or tif format, you may question how to open those files without corresponding software in your iPad. However, with VitalDoc for iPad, it is not a problem anymore. Retrieving every document through iPad is converted to pdf format beforehand in VitalDoc server, so users can view the documents in vertical or horizontal mode without concerning the file format. In a word, VitalDoc for iPad enables you to stay connection with business content anytime and anywhere, and to make timely and intelligent decision.