recognize your document data
Document Imaging and e-Filing System
Data management for business analysis and prediction is critical for any organization to accomplish business-related tasks nowadays. Without a proper application to digitalize and streamline of data, process cannot be facilitated effectively.

VitalCapture, a comprehensive data capture solution, which turns vast information into business-ready data and delivers to other third-party systems.

Key Features:

  • Multilingual Support of OCR - Capture and recognize multiple languages including Simplified / Traditional Chinese, English. Ideally for organization with massive data in various language.
  • Centralized Platform for Document - All forms of document can be captured and categorized into unified platform for easy retrieval and manage.
  • Flexible integration with Third-party Systems - Developed with API, VitalCapture is compatible to integrate with third-party systems including CRM and ERP for data mining.
  • Accelerate High-volume Capture - Capable to process capturing documents and images in efficient manner
  • Template Design - Templates with different components for form recognition
  • Template Recognition - Automatically identify precise data on scanned image as retrievable values, like invoice number, purchased item, etc.
  • Image Enhancement - Clear up image quality by furnishing on text visibility
  • Secured Document Storage - Documents can be saved individually or batch upload for proper storage and archives


  • Increase Productivity & Profitability - Documents can be captured and classified into pre-defined structure with metadata import
  • Fully Compatible with Big Data Process - Automatic classification and categorization of any documents to enhance processing capacity
  • Increase Mobility - Adapted latest mobile technology to capture data from mobile devices
  • Increase Productivity - Avoid manual data entry by capturing precise data from paper and electronic documents
  • Simplify Deployment - Support import / export files from / to other sources, and in different format. Provide icon-based tools for operateing scanning process with simple mouse clicks and no special training is required
  • Document Preservation - Preserve documents in data format, avoid document loss, damage or misplacement